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Love is Patient, Love is Kind: Local Couple Details Path to Altar

Love is truly patient for Jeff and Dimitrius Mitchell. The Hamtramck couple created the perfect moment to say 'I do' simply by taking their time. "We met the way a lot of people seem to be meeting lately: online," said Jeff. "We talked on the phone for about four to five weeks. You could tell there was a connection. There were so many things we shared in common." When they were ready to meet in person, Jeff invited Dimitrius over to his house for a homemade spaghetti dinner. The soon-to-be couple watched movies and drank wine. Jeff [...]

The New Normal

Deb and Ann Cox met 25 years ago and have been a committed couple for almost as long. But it wasn't until they decided to get legally married in 2015 that Ann finally told her family she's a lesbian. "My sister said, 'It's about time -- I've been waiting for you to call and tell me this,'" says Ann, who is 70 years old. "When my brother came to our wedding he said, 'I love you, bud. I don't care what you do.'" Deb, who is 63 years old, wasn't really out to her family, either. "We thought [...]

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