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Meet Waterfall Jewelers 2017 Couple of the Year

When Christi Brown worked with Diana Balbaugh and Danielle Beauregard during their wedding preparations she “saw a love between them that you don’t see too often. These two are the epitome of true love and we’re so excited to share their journey with them.” The Waterford couple met Brown, business marketing coordinator at Waterfall Jewelers, [...]

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What the Two-Year Anniversary of Marriage Equality to Us

While there is much to celebrate about being LGBTQ, recent Supreme Court actions show that the fight for LGBTQ legal equality is not over. Evan Wolfson, founder of the Freedom to Marry said the magnitude of the transformation and triumph reflected in our winning marriage nationwide here in the U.S. continues to reverberate and grow [...]

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Friends Before Lovers: Building a Relationship to Last

Solid Foundation Helps Transgender Couple Plan Their Wedding with Ease Sometimes, the best love relationships are the ones that are based on friendship. As is the case with Hannah Hartley and Diane Schultz, two transgender women who met four years ago during an LGBT community meeting at Affirmations in Ferndale. "Diane caught my eye from [...]

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Wedding Photography Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

Photographers Steve Schwall and Kathy Mabbott guided Giselle and Teresa through what can be a stressful day for two brides without an experienced professional. Photo courtesy of Rawlinson Photography As a photographer, it is always important to be in touch with the latest trends in photography. Wedding photography, much like the entire business [...]

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Amanda and Jamie Lehman-Faber

Listless to Blissful: The Non-Traditional Bride(s) Amanda Lehman-Faber said she was never "that girl" -- the girl who dreamed and imagined every little detail of her wedding day. "Now don't get me wrong: I love hosting fabulous parties and attending weddings, but I did not believe I would ever experience my own," said Amanda. [...]

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Love is Patient, Love is Kind: Local Couple Details Path to Altar

Love is truly patient for Jeff and Dimitrius Mitchell. The Hamtramck couple created the perfect moment to say 'I do' simply by taking their time. "We met the way a lot of people seem to be meeting lately: online," said Jeff. "We talked on the phone for about four to five weeks. You could [...]

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