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Marriage at Ferndale Pride Boosts Visibility of Asexual Community

On a warm, partly cloudy Saturday in Ferndale, thousands of people donned their best rainbow gear and gathered on W 9 Mile road to show their Ferndale pride June 2. But, instead of a casual T-shirt or colorful tube socks, Tia Wheeler and Jenny Larson attended Ferndale Pride with clothes several cuts above the norm; [...]

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A Dream Wedding: Couple Ties the Knot in Prince Charming Ceremony

Many people grow up dreaming of the Cinderella–Prince Charming wedding. And last September, one couple got to see their dream come true during their Prince Charming–Prince Charming ceremony. Dr. Theodore Carson Baker, II (57) and Richard William Thomas, Jr. (60) are, in Baker’s words, “nontraditional.” They met in 1999 at an HIV retreat and, despite [...]

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Michigan Garden Wedding Venues Among Best in the World

Harper's Bazaar recently named Zingerman's Cornman Farms and Planterra Conservatory to its list of "The 22 Best Garden Wedding Venues in the World." As the only midwest locations chosen, both venues are honored to be showcased among outdoor spaces from California and New York to Italy and South Africa. Harper's partnered with the experts at [...]

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Personalization Prevails and Traditions Get A Twist Among Same-Sex Weddings

Study of U.S. Married and Soon-to-be Married LGBTQ Couples Reveals Top Proposal, Planning and Wedding Day Trends June 26 marked the two years since the historic Supreme Court ruling that the U.S. Constitution guarantees rights to same-sex marriage. In celebration of Pride month and the second anniversary of marriage equality in the U.S., The Knot [...]

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Study Finds Married LGBT Older Adults are Healthier, Happier

Same-sex marriage has been the law of the land for nearly two years - and in some states for even longer - but researchers can already detect positive health outcomes among couples who have tied the knot, a University of Washington study finds. For years, studies have linked marriage with happiness among heterosexual couples. But [...]

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