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Lifelong Dream Comes True for Livonia Couple

Marriage has been a lifelong dream for Ward Supernois and Larry Iddins Jr. They never believed it could happen in their lifetimes, but they finally tied the knot this year on Aug. 12 inside the Newburg Church at Greenmead Historical Park in Livonia. "From the time I was a child all the way into my adulthood I have never dreamed of the moment I would find my special someone to spend my life with and get married," said Ward. "I seriously never believed I would be able to legally marry in my lifetime. I still find myself expecting [...]

Couple Succeeds in Love and in Business

Towanna Jackson and LaShawn Peterson didn't have a traditional engagement proposal. "I asked LaShawn a bunch of times and she told me 'no' a bunch of times," said Towanna. "She told me one day, 'We can get married,' and I accepted." Nor did they have a traditional wedding. After attending their cousin's wedding in Las Vegas last year on Feb. 13, the Peterson-Jackson couple changed clothes and had their own ceremony on Valentine's Day - Feb. 14, 2016 - around 1 a.m. inside the Plaza Royale Wedding Chapel. "My sister was able to catch a flight and fill [...]

Brides Celebrate a Perfect ‘Just Us’ Wedding

When it comes to planning your wedding, follow your heart, don't listen to those around you and do what is right for you. That's how Christina and Alicia Wilk of Clinton Township said they were able to enjoy their wedding-for-two this year on June 21. "For us, we didn't have any challenges because we just made it happen," Christina said. "We focused on our love and our excitement and the fact that there was no stress." A carefree relationship came easy for the couple when they met in August 2014, both exhausted by previous emotionally draining relationships. Who [...]

Friends Before Lovers: Building a Relationship to Last

Solid Foundation Helps Transgender Couple Plan Their Wedding with Ease Sometimes, the best love relationships are the ones that are based on friendship. As is the case with Hannah Hartley and Diane Schultz, two transgender women who met four years ago during an LGBT community meeting at Affirmations in Ferndale. "Diane caught my eye from the first moment we met. She seemed to have an elegance and a kindness that made me think, 'I really need to know that woman,'" said Hartley. Schultz knew, too, that she had found a new friend. She said, "Hannah seemed like the [...]

Amanda and Jamie Lehman-Faber

Listless to Blissful: The Non-Traditional Bride(s) Amanda Lehman-Faber said she was never "that girl" -- the girl who dreamed and imagined every little detail of her wedding day. "Now don't get me wrong: I love hosting fabulous parties and attending weddings, but I did not believe I would ever experience my own," said Amanda. "Perhaps, it was never feeling as if I would find that person, or even if I did, that I was not able to have the dream as a lesbian. It didn't help that after being out for 10 years, my family was not [...]

Getting Hitched In The Hall of Justice

First Gay Couple to be Married by Mich. Supreme Court Justice Just before 11 a.m. on June 26, 2015 the U.S. Supreme Court released its decision on Obergefell v. Hodges and extended marriage equality to the entire country. Since that moment thousands of LGBT couples across the country have upgraded their domestic partnership and or commitment ceremony plans to wedding cakes and marriage licenses. Ron Napier, from Lansing, and Andy Soya, from Hastings, are not self described wedding people; however, when the SCOTUS decision on marriage equality came down, Napier found himself on the brink of tears as [...]

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