Here Come The Books

The Ins And Outs Of LGBT Weddings And Marriage In the not-too-distant past, all that spring weddings signified for the LGBT community were jobs: musicians, florists, bakers, caterers. But now, in 37 states, we're finally getting married. To plan for the occassion, or just to learn more about how we got this far, here are a few reads worth checking out.   Forcing The Spring: Inside the Fight For Marriage Equality   by Jo Becker, Penguin Press Jo Becker's book, "Forcing the Spring: Inside the Fight For Marriage Equality," tells the remarkable story of the legal battle over [...]

Couples Celebrate 2016 LGBT Wedding Expo

Between the Lines/Pride Source hosted its largest LGBT wedding expo yet this past weekend, featuring over 110 vendors and nearly 800 attendees all packed into the lower level of MotorCity Casino Hotel. Couples and some singles, too, came from all over southeast Michigan to participate in the first LGBT Wedding Expo since marriage equality swept over the country last June. "When we got the notice about this we said, 'Jan (Stevenson) is really putting on a party this year. We can see there are 110 vendors here that are coming out to support us and we have a [...]

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