Couple’s Great Love Makes History, In More Ways Than One

Ken Siver and Zack Ismail's eyes met across a crowded dance floor 18 years ago. And the rest, as they say, is history. The date was Aug. 16, 1998. The place: Backstreet Nightclub in Detroit. Ismail, who is now a 42-year-old nurse anesthetist, says it was only his second time going to a gay bar. "I was trying to figure myself out," he says. Siver, the 70-year-old mayor of Southfield, says that for him, it was love at first sight. "I walked up to him and we've been together ever since," he says. "With a relationship, you have [...]

LGBT Jewelry Collection Comes To Tapper’s

A new wedding jewelry collection from LGBT designer, Rony Tennenbaum, is being featured by Tapper's Diamonds and Fine Jewelry in honor of its 37th Anniversary. Tapper's, Michigan's most trusted jeweler since 1977 and a long-standing sponsor of BTL's Wedding Expo, is expanding its demographic reach to the LGBT community by adding a new wedding and engagement jewelry collection created to celebrate marriage and equality. Tapper's has just announced the addition of Rony Tennenbaum's Jewelry collection to its bridal cases in each of its three metro-area locations in Novi, Troy and West Bloomfield. Founded in 1977 by husband-and-wife team [...]

Busted at the Seams In Detroit

"I have a commitment to humans. They come in all different shapes or sizes or whatever and if you want to wear a bra, who am I to say you can't wear a bra?" says Lee Padgett, owner of Busted Bra Shop. Busted opened in December 2013 and at the time was Detroit's only lingerie shop. Today the shop has cup sizes from AAA-O (as in the letter) and 26-56 available for band sizes. Padgett owned Cafe Detroit from 2003-2006 during a time when Meetup was really popular, as was speed dating. While it was open, the shop [...]

Gay Wedding Cakes: More Than Just Dessert

The "gay wedding cake" has practically become a symbol in the climb to same-sex marriage. From Religious Freedom Restoration Acts to grassroots "Protect Religious Freedom" movements, segments of the United States population have worked to put a stop to same-sex weddings both before and after Obergefell v. Hodges (the 2015 U.S. Supreme Court Case that made same-sex marriage legal in the country). The primary method these people seem to use is to cut vendor ties -- officiants have backed out from performing ceremonies last minute, reception halls have denied service, and perhaps most famously, bakers have failed to [...]

Conversation Sparks A Relationship, Communication Keeps It Strong

Antonio Johnson-Seals used to say he never wanted to get married. In fact, even though he had to pursue his now-husband, Rev. Jeffrey Seals, before he would agree to go out with him, he still told him he wasn't interested in getting married. But once the couple fell in love, all that changed. It didn't happen overnight. The couple met five years ago on a boat ride, and it wasn't smooth sailing right away. "Jeffrey acted like he didn't want to be bothered, so I had to make myself known to him," Antonio says. "I had another friend [...]

The Fairy Godmother Of Weddings

Fifteen models walked down the Ultimate LGBT Wedding & Anniversary Expo runway March 21 donning elegant dresses paired with creative hair and make up, all thanks to longtime vendor B. Ella Bridal. Brittany Blase comes from a background in sales and was in the design program during her time in art school. Blase spent a few years in Los Angeles training to be a voice actor; however, the pull of Michigan was too great. Shortly after returning to Michigan and with the help of her mother, Blase decided to start a family business dedicated to helping dress the [...]

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