10 Practical Wedding Gifts For Your Gay Buddies

Wedding season unofficially kicks off this month, and with more and more states deeming same-sex marriages legal you're bound to receive an invitation to your friends' fabulous nuptials any minute. And that means you'll need to buy a gift. Instead of sticking to the registry, however - do they really need more stuff? - think outside the Crate and Barrel box and opt for a practical-but-still-thoughtful present that the happy couple can put to good use. Here are 10 ideas to get you started. 1. Date-Planning Subscription Date-planning services - like HowAboutWe Couples and Kahnoodle Concierge - are [...]

From US to Canada, Western Michigan Couple Celebrates Their Love

It was love at first sight for Max Brown and Doug Sipsma. They met in 1999 when they were both visiting Chicago. They struck up a conversation in a store, exchanged phone numbers and a couple of weeks later they had their first date. They've been together ever since. "People don't believe it, but Doug said, 'Don't I know you from somewhere?' when we met," Brown recalls. "We lived close to each other on the west side of Michigan, but we'd never met." The couple says it only took a few dates to know they wanted to be [...]

Planning, Catering And More: Inclusive Vendor Jeff Zak

Jeff Zak has been in the food industry his whole life and spent many years working up the "food chain" before opening up his very own catering business called Jeff Zak Catering 16 years ago. It started on "the right side of the tracks," as Zak puts it, in downtown Plymouth vs the Old Village divide. Having moved from Forest Street to the main drag of Old Village, Zak works year-round providing butler passed appetizers, full plated dinners, contemporary family style meals and gourmet buffets. He's been to three years of the LGBT Wedding Expo and Zak is very excited for [...]

How To Be A (Gay) Wedding Guest

Mazel tov! Two kindred gays have decided to make it official and get married (as married as they can get in the state of Michigan), and you’ve been invited to see their love’s freak flag fly. In the gay world, coming to the ceremony is considered the ultimate cosign of a relationship and union. And the invitation arrives with as much pretext as a subpoena – be there or you don’t support us and we can no longer be brunch buddies. Not to mention every special day has its own special guidelines. Want to make it through a [...]

Couple’s Great Love Makes History, In More Ways Than One

Ken Siver and Zack Ismail's eyes met across a crowded dance floor 18 years ago. And the rest, as they say, is history. The date was Aug. 16, 1998. The place: Backstreet Nightclub in Detroit. Ismail, who is now a 42-year-old nurse anesthetist, says it was only his second time going to a gay bar. "I was trying to figure myself out," he says. Siver, the 70-year-old mayor of Southfield, says that for him, it was love at first sight. "I walked up to him and we've been together ever since," he says. "With a relationship, you have [...]

LGBT Jewelry Collection Comes To Tapper’s

A new wedding jewelry collection from LGBT designer, Rony Tennenbaum, is being featured by Tapper's Diamonds and Fine Jewelry in honor of its 37th Anniversary. Tapper's, Michigan's most trusted jeweler since 1977 and a long-standing sponsor of BTL's Wedding Expo, is expanding its demographic reach to the LGBT community by adding a new wedding and engagement jewelry collection created to celebrate marriage and equality. Tapper's has just announced the addition of Rony Tennenbaum's Jewelry collection to its bridal cases in each of its three metro-area locations in Novi, Troy and West Bloomfield. Founded in 1977 by husband-and-wife team [...]

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