Personalization Prevails and Traditions Get A Twist Among Same-Sex Weddings

Study of U.S. Married and Soon-to-be Married LGBTQ Couples Reveals Top Proposal, Planning and Wedding Day Trends June 26 marked the two years since the historic Supreme Court ruling that the U.S. Constitution guarantees rights to same-sex marriage. In celebration of Pride month and the second anniversary of marriage equality in the U.S., The Knot - the nation's largest source for wedding news and inspiration - released the results from The Knot & Q.Digital LGBTQ Weddings Study. Top Statistics from The Knot LGBTQ Weddings Study 2017 Average Wedding Cost (excludes honeymoon): Women, $17,341; Men, $18,049 Average Engagement Ring Spend: Women, $3,185; [...]

Marriage Strengthens Couple’s Love During Flint’s Water Crisis

It's fall 2016 and C'Aira "KB" Ivory realizes she is with the love of her life. "I woke up one morning and I was like I'm ready to get married," said Ivory who goes by KB. She went to the 67th District Court in Flint to get a marriage license without her partner of eight years knowing. "I wanted to surprise her," Ivory said of her soon to be wife. She went home and showed then Tia Simpson the marriage license and decisions had to be made. "I guess she decided enough was enough," said Tia. "I had [...]

Historic Detroit Church Will Marry First Gay Couple

Score one for online dating. Andrew Nichols and Latress London met two years ago on Now they're planning a wedding. It will be the first same-sex ceremony to take place in the historic Fort Street Presbyterian Church in Detroit. But that's skipping ahead. Nichols and London started dating about two years ago. Their first date wasn't really one. "He helped me move out of where I was living and into a new house," recalled Nichols. "So our first date was eating a Little Caesar's Hot'n'Ready with a bottle of wine at my coffee table sitting on the [...]

Study Finds Married LGBT Older Adults are Healthier, Happier

Same-sex marriage has been the law of the land for nearly two years - and in some states for even longer - but researchers can already detect positive health outcomes among couples who have tied the knot, a University of Washington study finds. For years, studies have linked marriage with happiness among heterosexual couples. But a study from the UW School of Social Work is among the first to explore the potential benefits of marriage among LGBT couples. It is part of a national, groundbreaking longitudinal study with a representative sample of LGBT older adults, known as "Aging [...]

Gentlemen’s Consignment Offers Quality Menswear at Affordable Prices

Kelly Pepper used to be a large man. "Then about eight years ago I had gastric bypass surgery and lost 145 pounds," Pepper said proudly. Like many who experience such drastic weight loss, Pepper suddenly found himself left with a closet of clothes he could no longer wear. "Somebody suggested I consign my clothes," Pepper recalled. "I didn't even know what consignment meant. So I looked it up and I went on a search for a consignment store for men. I couldn't find one anywhere and that's when I thought to myself, 'I can't be the only one [...]

View From the Bottom: The Color of Marriage

Until We All Can Reap the Benefits of Marriage, We Haven't Won Marriage Equality If you Google search Rev. Roland Stringfellow, you'll find a picture of him in his religious robing speaking to a sea of people on Castro Street in San Francisco, California, circa 2008. Stringfellow lived in San Francisco Bay Area when then Mayor Gavin Newsome directed the city's county clerk to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in 2004. The window to get married was brief between Newsome's directive and the California Supreme Court's nullification of the resulting marriages. Nevertheless, the gay community persisted. The [...]

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