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I’ve been writing ever since I learned how to put together a sentence. Telling stories and expressing ideas is what I thrive on, and I develop strategic content for every medium involving words. I bring my passion for language, creativity and communication to every project, along with a powerful work ethic.

From US to Canada, Western Michigan Couple Celebrates Their Love

It was love at first sight for Max Brown and Doug Sipsma. They met in 1999 when they were both visiting Chicago. They struck up a conversation in a store, exchanged phone numbers and a couple of weeks later they had their first date. They've been together ever since. "People don't believe it, but Doug [...]

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The New Normal

Deb and Ann Cox met 25 years ago and have been a committed couple for almost as long. But it wasn't until they decided to get legally married in 2015 that Ann finally told her family she's a lesbian. "My sister said, 'It's about time -- I've been waiting for you to call and tell [...]

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Conversation Sparks A Relationship, Communication Keeps It Strong

Antonio Johnson-Seals used to say he never wanted to get married. In fact, even though he had to pursue his now-husband, Rev. Jeffrey Seals, before he would agree to go out with him, he still told him he wasn't interested in getting married. But once the couple fell in love, all that changed. It didn't [...]

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